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Sé van Weert, wayward glass artist in the Far East of The Netherlands. Always ready and eager to join a (mosaic) adventure in the rest of the world !

My latest piece; Fucking Cockroaches !

Imagine Taipei in the middle of the night. Groggily awake for a glass of water and a pee you scramble barefoot for the bathroom. 
By luck you switch on the light and surprise a couple of HUGE roaches...
It is surprising with how much loathing we look at these animals. As for me, i was immediately wide-awake, trying to footsy into a shoe while 
staring them down, willing them to wait and get killed. I don't get this violent reaction to any other animal, not even scorpions or woodlouse. I kill mosquitos because of their sting and the illnesses they can transmit, but neither applies here. Hence the sole of the shoe and the name, the first expletive most people will use at the sight of them in their house.
It doesn't help that even in the act of procreation they seem to try to get away from each other, scampering in opposite directions
This is the third kind of mating animal i have depicted so far. The rest is here #

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