Amsterdam Marathonweg 2022


Amsterdam Marathonweg/Olympiakade project 2022

After extensive renovation of the whole neighbourhood, the City of Amsterdam funded projects in public places that were selected and brought forward by the people themselves - after all, they are the ones that know their hood best and know what can be done to make it a better place for all.... anyway, i was lucky and honored to be chosen to make mosaics on two sides of the corner Marathonweg/Olympiakade. In total 8 traffic poles of ca 85 cm high, to reflect the neighbourhood and its inhabitants.

I decided on making 4 different designs, repeated on the other side, to connect both sides with each other. There are however some differences.
The themes i chose were;

    Part of the Olympic Stadion, scene of the 1928 Olympics, on which the Olympic Fire was lit for the very first time.
    (Also the birth of the P for Parking sign, by the way)

2. The GEESE
    On the other side of the Olympiakade is the bridge over the canal. Here, white geese have lived for generations and we found it no    
    more than fitting to represent them here.

    Of course, the name-event for the Marathonweg and a huge reason for tourists to come visit. On one side there's a blade runner

     Symbol of inclusivity, the celebration of our differences in recognition of all we have in common.

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